If you choose an Apprenticeship in Health, Public Services and Care, you can expect to be making a real difference to people's lives right from the very first day. You'll be able to take a real wage home every week, but you'll also take a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. This sector is all about making other people's lives easier and better, and helping our society to be a happier one over all.

Within this sector, there is a huge range of careers that you can train for, from the care of children and vulnerable adults to youth work and the uniformed services.

The Apprenticeship that's right for you will depend on your own interests and abilities. For instance, you may know that you've always wanted to work in childcare, so being an apprentice at a nursery or crèche would be the perfect fit.

Whichever employer you join for your Apprenticeship, your people skills will be very important in this sector. But there will be a lot to learn and take in too - from technical and scientific knowledge in some health and care settings to legal aspects of public services. Your classroom learning will give you team working and problem solving skills that will be vital to your future education, training and employment prospects.