An Apprenticeship in the Education and Training sector could give you the chance to be on the other side of the classroom - but that's not the only setting you could find yourself in. Training happens in almost every area of life, since learning doesn't just happen in schools or colleges. So you might want to become a teacher or a classroom assistant, but you could just as easily find yourself training workers about computer systems, food hygiene or environmental issues.

This work-based learning is now a very important part of everyone's working lives, so there is a great demand for people to deliver training courses in every sector. If you're a good communicator and find it easy to get on with a wide of range of people, this could be the right area for your Apprenticeship. Of course, you'll have to work hard to understand all of the facts and issues that you'll be passing on, but then you'll have the very best teaching as part of your Apprenticeship programme, and you'll be working alongside the experts.