If you take up an Apprenticeship in the varied sector of Construction, Planning and the Built Environment, your classroom learning will be with one of the country's very best centres for construction training. Your employer will be confident that you're learning professional techniques from excellent teachers.
Although they'll all be available to you, the traditional building trades aren't the only subjects on offer here. So while you could be an Apprentice plumber, carpenter or bricklayer, you might just as easily set off on a career as an electrical engineer or a planner.

For many of these Apprenticeships, it will obviously help if you're practically-minded and good with your hands. But being self-motivated and well organised is important too - especially when you think you could well be running your own business in the future.

This is a sector that always has new and exciting employment opportunities - thousands of new homes will be needed in London in coming years, and many existing homes will need to be made more fuel efficient and bettr for the environment.