Learn on the job
As an Apprentice, you will learn on the job, building up your knowledge and skills, gaining qualificiations and earning money all at the same time.
The qualifications you'll work towards are recognised and valued by employers all over the country, because they show that you've been trained in the skills they need.

Although there is not a set time to complete an Apprenticeship, it will usually take between one and four years, depending on the level, the way it has been structured, your own ability your employer's requirements.

Earn while you learn
What do we mean when we say that you'll 'earn while you learn'? You will do a real job for a real employer, earning real money. If you are entering work for the first time, you will start earning right from the first day of your Apprenticeship.

Just like any other employee, you'll find that your pay may go up as you gain skills and experience. You may also get extra money for books, clothing or equipment, or to help you with a disability. As an apprentice, you will also receive the same benefits as any other employee. These will include paid holiday, pension contributions and the use of other company facilities and leisure schemes.