Apprenticeships have come a long way from the old image of the young person starting out in a manual trade. The exciting, modern Apprenticeships scheme has helped thousands of employers and young people across the whole range of careers.
Of course, Apprenticeships First can still help you to start out in a trade like construction, but we're just as likely to give you your first step in catering, computing or hairdressing, among dozens of other careers.

Whatever career you're after, the advantages of being an Apprentice are the same.

As an apprentice, you will:

  • earn a salary
  • get paid holidays
  • receive training
  • gain qualifications
  • learn the skills that you need and employers really value

Who can apply?
Anyone who's over 16 and not already in full-time employment.

How does it work?
When you apply through Apprenticeships First, we'll match you to the Apprenticeship and the employer that's right for you. You'll normally work four days a week for your employer, and spend the other day at college learning new skills. These skills will not only help you do your job and make you more employable for the future, they'll also lead to a recognised qualification that will really put you ahead in the job market.

As an Apprentice, you're a real, valued employee right from the start. You'll be working alongside experienced staff, who will help you to put what you're learning in college into practice. You'll earn a minimum of £95 per week - but many Apprentices earn much more than this.